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Adjustable bed side rails| Side rails for adjustable beds keeping you secure while you sleep

 Your adjustable bed side rails are a great thing to have. For the safety of when you are sleeping, the side rails have multiple uses for home or travel. They assist you in standing, sitting, rolling over, and help you rise up in bed. They can assist in the transfer to and from a chair, or a wheelchair or walker. If the need arises, the rails, just like in the hospital bed rails, need to have safety in mind. That is why they are built to be stable and secure and can be pushed, pulled and leaned against. 

Uses and Care of Your Bed Rails

Side rails are not just for adjustable beds. You can buy portable side rails if you are concerned about travel or maybe you want to store it under a bed or in a closet when not in use. Or you can even store it in a toy chest or under a car seat.  That means even in travel and at home, your child will have the security of the rails at all times.

 A stationary side rail is attached to your home bed by going under your mattress for a secure fit. The rails have rods that extend between the mattress and box spring and are securely attached and made with steel tubing for strength. Bed side rails can remain in the up locked position or kept low for in and out access. They can be disassembled for flat storage and transporting. 

Where to Look for Your Beds Adjustable Rails

So if you are enquiring about ideal choices in your side rails, adjustable beds, mattress or bed linen then you are in the right place. Take the time to view our bed reviews. We have some of the best sources for all your sleeping needs.

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