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Having family members talking about troubled sleep started us investigating the area of adjustable beds. Searching and asking questions from anyone who owned an adjustable bed or was thinking about getting one was where we started. Online we found literally hundreds of sites exploring the topics associated with adjustable beds and their benefits.

But with all these sites also came hundreds of variations on the same topic. We started to realize that buying an adjustable bed and all the accessories associated with it was a task not to take lightly, and that it was important to really understand all the features so that it was the right bed. So after collecting boxes full of literature and information, we started to feel comfortable that we could help our family out with making an informed choice.

But we did not want to stop there. This was great information that we had, and we wanted to pass on the information to others so that they could benefit also and make the best choice possible.

Getting enough sleep, and a proper sleep is a key part of us as human beings to function properly in our daily lives - and more importantly, to just feel good. So that is how we got the idea about creating a website solely dedicated to adjustable beds!

So we hope that you find our site useful and informative. And though we have tried to cover everything we thought would be of important use to our visitors, we are sure that there are hundreds of other questions still out there unanswered. So we are continually researching and building the site and adding even more quality information to help you in your quest to understand all the areas within adjustable beds.

If there is a question that you would like to have answered, please email us at the email below. Please note that we will not give your email out to any other parties, and we will only use it to send you the information you requested.

And please note that there are advertisements on this site which we do make money from. But please be assured that the advertising on this site will never under any circumstances impact the presented information. We at Adjustable Bed Resource are not associated or committed to any one company, and therefore have the freedom to provide an honest opinion on everyone’s products and services.

Again, please email us if you have any specific questions about our site, or if you have any comments that would make this site more informative and valuable for our visitors.

Thank you for visiting our site !